Business Redefined Roadshow 2018 Has Concluded

SophiaTX yet one step closer in building an ecosystem across ASEAN.

Last week we set out to Asia on our new SophiaTX BUSINESS REDEFINED tour gathering local businesses with the aim of familiarizing them with our vision and completely reshaping their concepts of enterprise blockchain. The successful events were held in on September 25 at Suntec City, Singapore and September 27 at Connexion, Malaysia – a first step in building an ecosystem across ASEAN.

The invite-only events attracted numerous participants from diverse industries, including Apple, Cheng & Co, Ernst and Young, British American Tobbacco, and many more. Both the Singapore and Malaysia events provided a unique opportunity to learn about enterprise blockchain and discover immense use-case potential of this groundbreaking technology and stirred groundbreaking debate among the participants.
The keynote at the events was delivered by our CEO, mr. Jaroslav Kacina, followed by a demonstration by our team members Marian Hires, Martyn Harler, and Lubomir Vranka showcasing incredible supply chain optimization opportunities in the automotive industry through integration with SAP S/4HANA and SAP Business One systems.
“As the blockchain is already becoming a real opportunity for many companies and their future, it is crucial to have both mindset and know-how to make blockchain part of new digital strategies. It is vital that you, as top leaders, take a hard look at operating models, identify potential disruptions within industry and markets, and simply push forward. Joining SophiaTX can accelerate the business innovation cycle dramatically.”, explains mr. Kacina.
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