09 February 2018

We Are Ahead Of Schedule!

-Roadmap Updated and More News on the Progress-

Great news here at SophiaTX. After being very busy with developing and working hard towards our goals in Q1 2018 we can proudly say we are ahead of schedule by almost 2 months, in the areas planned for Q1 – Q2 2018!

Since the end of our successful TGE (Token Generation Event) in late December, we opened a pre-registration for our Early Adopters Program. The program is intended for individuals interested in partnering with the team to prototype and develop SophiaTX based applications. As of today, more than 3000 individuals have pre-registered. The program is being finalized and will gradually be launched in late February and March.

“The Test Net is available only via full registration, we will collaborate with participants in designing, building and using the SophiaTX the right way.“ said Jaroslav Kacina, SophiaTX CEO in a recent interview.

The SophiaTX Marketplace, which is currently being designed, will be delivered ahead of schedule in May 2018. The primary reason for acceleration is significant demand in partnering and prototyping via the early adopters program but also due to direct interests of potential clients. Marketplace provides capability to collaborate on more efficiently on larger scale.

The updated Roadmap includes an official date for the SophiaTX Main Net, which is scheduled for release in July 2018. “Prior to releasing main net and making it available for use by our clients we have to ensure proper testing, compliance, and certification.” said Jaroslav Kacina, SophiaTX CEO.

Also we took a look at some interesting parts of SophiaTX project, mostly driven by our community, and have a number of products in development beside the main areas, which are over and above what is in the Whitepaper.

To find out details about the project, check out our whitepaper on our website. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and join our Telegram channel to gain access to the latest SophiaTX news and updates!




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