Highlights from Our Fifth AMA Session: Find out What’s New in SophiaTX

Following last month’s successful BUSINESS REDEFINED events in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, our team organized a live Ask Me Anything (AMA) session answering various questions posed by our community over the course the past month.
You can watch the full video session on our Youtube channel here.

The  session was broadcasted live from our Switzerland office on Tuesday, October 8 17.00 CEST, hosted by our CEO Jaroslav Kacina, CTO  Martyn Harler, and CMO Mirta Jarnjak. The main topics the team set out to discuss were the company plans for 2018 regarding products and clients, marketing and business strategy, and the overall SophiaTX ecosystem and future partnerships. Early in the session, upcoming Gartner/Evanta events were announced to be taking place in Boston and Frankfurt in November, and Toronto in December.

The company is currently working on numerous projects focused on improving user experience and enhancing the features of our existing technology. Our CTO Martyn Harler describes numerous current areas of developments such as E-documents, originality tracking via SophiaTX Track and Trace, and two-factor authentication for the SophiaTX Wallet, among others.
Mirta Jarnjak, our CMO, explained the approach taken by the company when it comes to marketing, particularly focusing on social media. “This strategy currently reflects our commitment to professionalism and tendency to honor our NDA’s,” Mirta states. She also highlights how, in an effort to continue effectively building awareness about our products and services, our focus is mostly on social media platforms such as Twitter. However, the team also announced an increased focus on platforms like Reddit and Medium, aided by a new team to provide heaps of exciting and informative content.
In response to one of the more popular questions posed by the community, the team confirmed the finalization of the SophiaTX Token swap process in supporting exchanges in the following weeks and even announced our cooperation with new exchanges in the near future. As always, all important information about exchanges is provided through our social media channels.
The final topic discussed in the livestream was the market positioning of the company. SophiaTX boasts a unique set of blockchain services and capabilities, matched by very few companies. With an aim to create a perfectly transparent and low-cost blockchain ecosystem completely open to the public, SophiaTX is no direct competition with any of the larger players on the market. It is also one of the first independent enterprises capable of integrating with SAP, as Jaroslav explains.
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