Highlights from Our Sixth AMA Session: Find out What’s New in SophiaTX

In the newest live AMA session, SophiaTX CEO Jaroslav Kacina and CMO Mirta Jarnjak provide the viewers with an in-depth overview of the company and its recent activities, partnerships, and products.  

You can watch the full video here.

After months of hard work and enhancements on the SophiaTX Blockchain and Wallet, and with the end of the year fast approaching, it was time for the team to host another live AMA session shedding light on all company developments and new years’ plans for 2019.

The session was hosted on Thursday, December 6, by the SophiaTX CEO Jaroslav Kacina and CMO Mirta Jarnjak, live from the new office in Bratislava. Considering all the products, activities, and partnerships outlined by the presenters, SophiaTX is coming along its 2018 roadmap nicely.

When it comes to partnerships, the principal idea mentioned by Jaroslav for the company to succeed is that blockchain needs to be viewed as a proper business technology, fully serviced and deployable, with the ability to connect with ERP systems. Given that blockchain is one of the largest opportunities in technology today, it is crucial that perception is changed on this topic, so that it can be understood by businesses and the general community.

The presenters further discussed their partnership strategy along with their strategy for driving adoption and generating revenue, underlining the importance of events attended (such as Evanta’s Global CIO conferences) in spreading awareness and creating fruitful relationships with global companies. Among many, a notable example of such a partnership provided by Jaroslav is that of Cheng & Co in Malaysia, offering access to a client base of over 5000.

Partners – consulting or technology firms with an existing client portfolio – play an important role in spreading awareness and accelerating the adoption of blockchain. We have secured multiple fruitful partnerships and expect many more to come. And as Mirta explains, the goal of protecting these partners through non-disclosure is reflected by our social media strategy as well.

Here is a short overview of the products and services being deployed by SophiaTX, as discussed in the AMA.

  1. Public Blockchain

Based on the trusted DPoS protocol, the SophiaTX Mainnet was launched back July, running on our own proprietary blockchain designed for optimal and transparent business-to-business transactions. It features a fully operational Wallet and Explorer, which had recently been updated with new usability enhancements.

  1. API’s

The SophiaTX Blockchain already supports numerous API’s, allowing integration with systems such as SAP S/4HANA, SAP Business One, as well as programs like Microsoft Office, Java, and Java Script.

A number of additional applications are also currently being tested, such as TX Docs, TX Origin, TX Connect, and many more.

Given our vision to become the world’s leading enterprise blockchain, we are building a learning center designed to educate consultants, developers, and managers in applying our technology. The SophiaTX Academy will combine both e-learning and classroom courses with certification programs, and will mark important step in creating mass awareness and adoption of blockchain.

Finally, the SophiaTX Marketplace will offer subscription for company and individual accounts, connecting blockchain users who offer different services while facilitating collaboration on various opportunities and projects.

Jaroslav and Mirta saved the last part of the AMA to discuss the questions posed by our supporting community, some of which are outlined here:

Q: Who will be using the blockchain in 2019?      

A: Innovators, companies looking to gain an edge, and SME’s due to their capacity of faster decision making.

Q: How difficult is to attract businesses?

A: To answer to this question, Jaroslav emphasizes our remarkably high conversion rate (over 90%) resulting from precise targeting of companies, referring to many valuable clients attracted this year. When it comes to securing partnerships, the team predicts dozens more to come in 2019.

Q: What are the strengths of the company?

A: People, partnerships, and relationships.


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