SophiaTX blockchain reshaping business models

Which businesses will most likely profit from understanding the impact of blockchain and adjusting their business models? Check it out, the next wave of disruption is coming!
Our team is proud to introduce the business brochure, which demonstrates how SophiaTX blockchain platform can reshape your business. Blockchain is expected to enable many different types of collaboration in near future, which will very likely lead to brand new operating models, business models and even completely redefined value-chains for all major industries. Have a look at SophiaTX Blockchain Brochure and learn more.
SophiaTX blockchain enables wide range of use-cases combined with individual variations across industries and segments which are further specified in our brochure. Blockchain solutions are outlined with regard to the current market situation, potential future trends as well as key challenges in various industries such as Invoicing, Pharma, Construction or Automotive industry.
Blockchain as integral part of digital strategy must allow for seamless integration with enterprise technologies. No matter if we talk about ERP & Business systems, IoT, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence or Robotics, SophiaTX brings new integration capabilities.
Once the blockchain will become a necessity for company’s future, self assessment could be crucial for companies. Therefore top leaders should take a hard look at its organizational capabilities, identify potential disruptions within industry or markets, set an innovation pipeline, and simply get ready.
Is your leadership aware and ready for possibly disruptive scenarios? Let’s find out and  check our new business brochure which sums up ‘When Blockchain Is Needed’. Download SophiaTX Blockchain Brochure here.

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