SophiaTX Buyback – Instructions on How to Apply

The Buyback is up and running! Learn how to apply using a MyEtherWallet or Meta Mask account.

We have also released an instructional video guiding you through the buyback process, you can watch it here:

Before conducing the buyback procedure, make sure your Ethereum address is in the SophiaTX’s Github “buyback_mappings” file, which can be accessed following this link:

Once you’ve confirmed that your address is in the file, you can proceed to the buyback procedure. In case you did not find your Ethereum and SophiaTX addresses in this file, don’t worry; we have created a third process via which You can also participate in the buyback.

We will cover three different methods of applying for the buyback: using MEW, Meta Mask, and an alternative method for users who did not already have their address in the “buyback_mappings” file.


Buyback via MyEtherWallet

  1. Choose “Send Ether & Token” category from the top ribbon. Using MEW, holders can choose among multiple methods to access their wallet and send their tokens for buyback.
  2. After successfully accessing their wallet on MEW, paste the buyback address in the “To Address”, which can be found here
  3. In the “Amount to send” field, holders can send either their entire ERC-20 token balance or a desired amount. Don’t forget to choose “SPHTX” from the dropdown menu to the left of the field.
  4. When entering the “Gas Limit,” We advise using approximately ‘55000′
  5. When all the information is filled in, click on “Generate Transaction.” A pop-up window will appear asking You to confirm your transaction. To proceed, click “Yes, I am sure! Make Transaction.”

After completing the buyback transfer process, users can make sure they have successfully applied for the process by accessing the “buyback_transfers” file on the SophiaTX Github page. Your SophiaTX Address and the token amount applied for the buyback will show up in the file 24 hours later.


Buyback via Meta Mask

  1. To apply tokens for buyback using the Meta Mask account, first choose your SPHTX tokens from the menu and click “Send”
  2. Then, in the “Recipient Address” field paste the buyback account address which can be found here:  Again, when choosing the amount of tokens to send, users can click on “Max” to send all the tokens available on the account, or simply type in a desired amount to send.
  3. Click “Next,” and confirm your transaction.

After confirming the transaction, you can access the “buyback_transfers” file on SophiaTX’s Github account, where the mount of tokens and your SophiaTX Address will appear 24 hours later.


Alternative method for users who did not find their SophiaTX or Ethereum address listed in the “buyback_mappings” file on Github.

IMPORTANT! In order to proceed with this method, users need to have a valid SophiaTX Wallet account.

  1. On MyEtherWallet, choose “Send Ether & Tokens.” After this, choose a desired method of accessing your Wallet account.
  2. In the “To Address” field, paste the following buyback address:
  3. In the “Amount to Send”field, keep 0.
  4. Below the “Gas Limit” field, click on “Advanced: Add Data.” This will display a new “Data”
  5. Before proceeding, you will need to convert your SophiaTX Wallet account to Hex. In order to do this, follow this link
  6. In the String to Hex converter, put in your SophiaTX Wallet account in the top field, and click “Convert.” After this, copy the encoded string from the bottom field and paste it in the “Data” field on the MyEtherWallet page.
  7. Complete the transaction.

24 hours after this transaction is successfully completed, your address will appear in the “buyback_mappings” file on the SophiaTX Github page. When you have confirmed that your address is in the file, you can proceed to swap your tokens using the first method via MyEtherWallet.


The buyback procedure for both Meta Mask and MEW users will be completed on March 1. However, since all buyback tokens will be vested, users will be able to access their tokens 27 days after they received them.

Enjoy your new SPHTX Tokens!

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