SophiaTX China Branch Established

The new SophiaTX branch office will boost access to global manufacturing and trade centers in China. With in-depth collaboration, blockchain can provide desired trust and transparency in manufacturing.

We are proud to announce the establishment of our new branch office in Chengdu, the fifth largest city in China. Chengdu has the ambition and government support enabling it to become a financial center within the next couple of years. Establishing a branch in this location will allow us to provide professional blockchain services to businesses with strong international or pro-export focus.

With many well-known products and entire brands being produced in the country, China has a dominant position in global manufacturing and trade. Such a significant role comes with issues around transparency and trust within the supply chain, along with challenges in brand protection. We have developed a number of blockchain-based solutions for companies, bringing desired trust and transparency into complex international relationships and efficiencies into supply chains.

“For export-oriented companies, among many other features, the platform provides originality tracking of manufactured goods. Once the manufactured goods enter into the supply chain and cross the border, our blockchain provides the required proof of origin and subsequent history as required by the brand owners or even by the customer itself,” explains Jaroslav Kacina, CEO of Equidato Technologies, the company that developed SophiaTX.

Chengwu Li, who leads SophiaTX in China, further explains: “We are very pleased to be able to bring this unique and innovative capability to China. The importance of establishing a presence here is to connect local businesses and manufacturers with their customer base and importers of products abroad. China has a dominant place in global manufacturing with certain challenges which can be addressed by our enterprise blockchain technology.”

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