SophiaTX Presented at SAP forum!

SophiaTX team attended a 2-day SAP forum focused on how intelligent technologies, e.g. blockchain, artificial intelligence or IOT could make businesses smarter.
Over 500 business and technology professionals, including SAP customers and partners met during the SAP forum, an event organized by SAP which took place at X-bionic Sphere, on May 24th & 25th, 2018. The conference had been designed to explain how to use the power of technology to make businesses smarter. Technology progress is unstoppable, software is becoming more intelligent, computers learn from data without explicit programming, machines can see, read, listen, understand and communicate, and ultimately change our everyday life.
During these two days, several speakers, and panel discussion participants outlined how intelligent technologies can bring a breakthrough in business. Mark Raben, CTO of SAP Middle & Eastern Europe had a talk about artificial intelligence, its benefits and also pitfalls. SophiaTX Executive of Strategy Accounts, Marian Hires, attended a panel discussion during the 1st day, where he jointly with EY explained the usage of blockchain technology in supply chain management. Additionally, He elaborated on how blockchain can help companies to reshape their business model.

Marian Hires – Executive of Strategic Accounts

On the second day, our team had a chance to talk directly to the potential customers and partners. Thanks to the presentation of several use cases of SophiaTX blockchain, Marian opened a discussion about “When blockchain makes sense.” These discussions resulted in half-hour talk fully focused on PoC which showcased how data can be sent from one system/application to another, even if it is not an SAP product.
The forum was very well received, people were interested, as speakers provided them with great explanations of how blockchain can be applied in businesses. We are looking forward to the next awesome events. Stay tuned and be among the first to know via our Telegram and Twitter.