We Have Launched SophiaTX Academy – Learn Why You Should Apply

Everyone is talking about blockchain, but you are not sure where to start? You would like to learn why this technology is so revolutionary and how you can use it in your company, but there are too many questionable blockchain courses?

We are proud to announce the official launch of the SophiaTX Academy.

Now open to applications, our Academy is designed to introduce business and IT professionals with the benefits, implementation, and the ability to utilize blockchain technology in business. Upon successful completion of a course, participants will be issued a certificate from SophiaTX denoting their competence in blockchain.

Why SophiaTX Academy?

SophiaTX is one of the first projects extending business applications with blockchain to ensure complete data safety and security. We focus on Business Solutions, using the blockchain as an enabler. We don’t believe in blockchain because of blockchain, but because we know business can benefit greatly from using this technology.

We understand business requirements, coming from years of experience in large companies. This is why SophiaTX Academy is a strictly real-world business focused blockchain course, designed by the industry professionals delivering the SophiaTX enterprise blockchain. You can learn more about the business applications of SophiaTX here.

By joining SophiaTX Academy, you will:

  • Explore clear-cut blockchain use-cases
  • Learn why blockchain offers greater efficiency and higher reliability of information in complex supply chains
  • Recognize and apply new blockchain uses cases in your business and make strategic decisions
  • Operate blockchain independently
  • Learn to implement blockchain into your company’s enterprise system

SophiaTX Academy offers four specialized certification courses, each tailored to the needs of different registrant groups:

  1. Enterprise Blockchain Fundamentals for Executives
  2. Enterprise Blockchain Fundamentals for SAP & IT Professionals
  3. Enterprise Blockchain Fundamentals for Project Managers
  4. Enterprise Blockchain Fundamentals

For clients in need of custom trainings, SophiaTX can organize presentations in their own or client premises. Such trainings can be organized anywhere in the world, to meet your business needs; or in a form of a webinar, to eliminate the need for travel. For more details, please contact us directly.

The first courses are scheduled already in February. For the full course schedule, check out the SophiaTX Academy website.


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