Help SophiaTX enter a $16 Trillion Market

TGE is running December 7-17, 2017





Until TGE Ends

150.000.000 SPHTX available in TGE


New Round Starts

in hour : min.
or tokens to be sold
SPHTX sold

KYC procedure is mandatory for all the SophiaTX TGE participants.

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SophiaTX is a Viable Project

High potential use cases with real customers in the pipeline
Blockchain and marketplace designed for the enterprises
Experienced Team and advisors from relevant industries

Factors to consider

No softcap - project will continue
Non-allocated tokens will be distributed to TGE participants
Token usage tied to real use cases and further adoption


Get in early, price increases every round
Real use by customers will drive token adoption
Ambition to become the standard of Blockchain for business
World’s First Open Source Blockchain for Enterprise Applications

SophiaTX Blockchain - Business in Making

Partners Ecosystem
Funding & Revenue Model
Blockchain & Marketplace
Full Compliance KYC/AML
Real Use Cases & Industry Solutions
Advisors from Industry
Experienced Team

SophiaTX TGE-Principles

  • Token Generation Event starts on December 5th, 2017
  • TGE lasts 10 days and is organised in 5 rounds
  • 30 000 000 tokens for each round
  • New round starts when 30 000 000 tokens generated in current round, or estimated 48 hours (based on the Ethereum block time) from start of the round
  • Each round the token value increases by 10% compared to previous round’s value
  • Last round includes all remaining tokens
  • You can obtain SPHTX with BTC, ETH and DCT (an additional 10% bonus for using DCT)
  • Bonus for participating with DCT will be added automatically
1Round 2Round 3Round 4Round 5Round
30 million tokens available

Starting price 0.000627890 ETH

ETH raised 18,837
30 million tokens available

Starting price 0.000690679 ETH

ETH raised 20,720
30 million tokens available

Starting price 0.000759747 ETH

ETH raised 22,792
30 million tokens available

Starting price 0.000835722 ETH

ETH raised 25,072
30 million tokens available

Starting price 0.000919294 ETH

ETH raised 27,579
Amount of tokens to be generated
150,000,000 SPHTX
ETH Hard Cap
115,000 ETH
70% of the tokens dedicated to Development, Operations, Marketing, and the Team are vested for 12 months after initial SPHTX generation.


Innovation Tower
Industriestrasse 33
5242 Lupfig

[email protected]